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J&M Septic Tank Cleaning has been servicing the Columbus, TX  and surrounding areas for over 40 years.

Our primary focus is septic pumping and certified inspections. We make sure all tanks & compartments are pumped according to county requirements. Our mission is to provide a thorough job so as to minimize expenditures to our clients. We look forward to meeting your septic tank needs!

We specialize in residential & commercial:
  • Septic system cleaning
  • Septic system evaluations
  • Cesspool pumping
  • System repairs
  • Septic and cesspool treatments

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Septic Tank Cleaning and the Importance of Proper Long Term Septic Tank Maintenance

Septic tank cleaning in Columbus TX has become an essential requirement for local residents. If you own a residential property in the area, chances are you have a plastic or concrete septic tank that needs tending to. Fortunately, you won’t have to deal with your problems on your own!

At J&M Septic Tank Cleaning we offer the best cleaning and pumping services to help you out. Our experts will also make sure to inspect your septic tanks for damage, and we can even provide you with relevant tips and information for taking good care of your tank and extending its life span.

How Your Septic Tank Works

Septic tank pumping and cleaning is required when your septic tank takes on too much debris, and its function is impaired. This can happen due to the tank’s unique characteristic of filtering out sediment from drain water and releasing the rest of the water into a septic drain field.

When the drain water flows down your drain, it enters the septic tank through an inlet wastewater pipe. The tank itself has a capacity of over 1,000 gallons, and can feature a multiple tank construction. As the water enters, the debris and sediment from the water will be gathered at the bottom of the tank. The rest of the water exits through an outlet to the septic drain field, or leach field – the wastewater disposal system that, together with your septic tank, completes the septic system.

In order for your tank to continue operating well, the amount of impurities it takes in shouldn’t exceed a certain level. An inspection from a dependable Columbus TX septic tank service such as ours will help you assess the situation and determine exactly whether or not your tank needs cleaning.

What Should You Do When It Stops Working?

When you notice your septic tank no longer works properly, or there are signs that it might need looking after (such as bad odors or partial clogging), it might be time to call in the pros. At J&M Septic Tank Cleaning we can have our experts visit you as soon as you call us.

The first thing to do is to stop using the tank immediately. Once the technicians arrive, they will use their tools to perform a thorough inspection job on your septic system, and determine what the problem really is.

In most cases, your tank simply needs cleaning. This means the experts will have to dig up the lid (if necessary), and pump out the contents of the tank to ensure that all wastewater can then flow freely. Once the job is completed, further examination will reveal whether or not any structural damage needs to be taken into account.

In most cases, you will find that septic tank pumping and cleaning will be fairly straightforward. At J&M Septic Tank Cleaning, we can provide you with the very best tank cleaning services in Columbus TX, and our rates are among the most competitive in the entire state.

Taking Care of Septic Maintenance at Home

Now, although simple cleaning jobs might go smoothly, in some cases, pumping your septic tank can be a challenge, and you may end up with a damaged septic tank that will cost a lot of money to replace. How can you ensure this doesn’t happen?

One way is to call up our experts regularly to check up on your septic tank. The other is to take care of a few basic home maintenance dos and don’ts that will remove some of the negative factors from the equation:

  • Avoid dumping grease, fats or coffee grounds down the drain. These substances cannot be diluted in water, and in most cases, they are the #1 cause behind any problems related to the septic system.
  • Diapers, tissues, cigarettes and other products that cannot be broken down easily should be thrown away instead of being shoved down the toilet. This simple action will prolong the life span of your septic tank and benefit your septic system as a whole.
  • To avoid frequent septic tank pumping, also consider avoiding dumping bleach or extensive amounts of toilet cleaner down your drains. Some chemicals may kill off the bacteria present in your septic system that would normally be responsible for breaking down certain waste products.

What Are the Benefits of Cleaning Out Your Tank?

Septic tank cleaning has numerous advantages, many of which are not as obvious as one might assume. First of all, cleaning it out can have a highly positive effect on preserving and protecting the environment. Chemical waste and cleaners can contaminate nearby bodies of water and hurt the environment, so it is essential that you perform routine cleaning every now and again.

Exposure to the chemical waste in your septic tank not only harms the environment, but can also harm your family. The odors that the septic system gives off and the waste materials released in the soil and surrounding water can represent a serious health risk to your family, friends, neighbors and pets.

Without cleaning out your septic tank, you can expect to have to replace it more frequently. Now, even though some tanks are less expensive, it typically costs anywhere between $2,000 and $11,000 to complete the job of replacing the whole tank. With the help of a Columbus TX service like Jones, you’ll pay much less, and significantly extend the life of your tank.

The Most Reliable Service in Town

As you can see, it makes a lot of sense to hire septic tank services to take care of your problem before it gets out of hand. Fortunately, we have some of the best technicians in the trade right here at J&M Septic Tank Cleaning.

Our septic tank cleaning company is based in Cypress, very close to Columbus, TX. You can either find us at our headquarters at 7915 Firethorn Lane Cypress, TX 77433 or by calling our number: 281-890-0067. Call us now for more information!